Hi, I’m Julian. I live in the beautiful city of San Francisco and work as a Software Engineer at hover.to.



Blitz is the German word for lightning and also a zero dependency, bi-directional, containerized source code synchronizer. It runs as an additional container and synchronizes your source code from your Mac with a Docker Volume, giving you lightning fast access to files on your Docker host.


Donner is the German word for thunder. It also is nice little tool that will make enrich your experience when developing applications in containers. It abstracts the execution of commands away from you. Instead of having to think about whether you have to use docker-compose exec or docker-compose run and which service to use, you just prefix your commands with donner run.


Trying to wrap your head around Docker? Checkout LearnDocker.online! 300+ videos, 11 hours of content, dedicated instructor, office hours and quizzes to make sure you have mastered Docker and containers. It was never that easy to learn Docker.


A guide to dockerizing a Rails application for a smooth and seamless development experience. Currently work in progress.

Dockerfile tips and tricks

I started a small screencast series with tips and tricks for writing Dockerfiles. You can check it out on Youtube.