Upcoming events

Dockerizing a Rails application

July 16th, link

In this webinar, I will show you how to dockerize a Rails application! You will learn what Docker is, why you should use it and how you can integrate Docker into your Rails projects.

We will spend about an hour learning about Docker and dockerizing a Rails project. You will have the chance to ask questions and join us for a discussion afterwards. Sign up for the event on Meetup.

Running Phoenix in containers

August 8th

In this webinar, I will show you how to dockerize a Elixir/Phoenix application! More info will follow soon.

Trying to wrap your head around Docker?

Checkout LearnDocker.online! 300+ videos, 11 hours of content, dedicated instructor, office hours and quizzes to make sure you have mastered Docker and containers. It was never that easy to learn Docker. Sign up for the free demo and see for yourself.

Approaching Docker

I’m currently working on a guide on how to approach Docker and containers. Read more about it here.

Dockerfile tips and tricks

I started a small screencast series with tips and tricks for writing Dockerfiles. You can check it out on Youtube.

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